Welcome New Members.  Please find here in all of the information you will need in order to be able to become acclimated to the Green Grove Baptist Church.

We are so glad that you have expressed your desire to be part of Green Grove Baptist Church “The Grove”.  In these next few pages, you can get a brief summation of the Grove.  Please take time to read each area.

Fuller explanations and information can be found throughout our site.

Who we are-

  • We are a Bible Believing Baptist church in W. Berlin N.J.  We have been established since 1925 and we have served this community continuously.

  • It is our vision to fulfill the command of Christ through being Divinely Connect to Christ, Congregation and Community

  • Our current Pastor/Shepherd is Rev. George Holland, Sr.

  • He and his family have served the Grove since 1993

What you can Expect at the Grove:

  • A place for your entire family to be spiritually nurtured in the Word of God
  • A family of believers to support and encourage you in your Christian walk.
  • Sound, Dynamic and bold teaching that is both sound doctrinally, practical and therapeutic.
  • Opportunity to discover and use your spiritual gifts in ministry which will impact the lives of others.
  • A worship experience to help usher you in the presence of God and start your week off right.
  • People who are authentic, relevant, loving and supportive
  • Leadership that seeks to live by example of faith, humility, and integrity

Expected of Members:

  1. Relationship. We expect every member to have a confirmed personal relationship and experience with Jesus Christ.
  2. Worship. We expect people to attend worship services regularly, and we expect them to worship with the heart, the mind, and the will.
  3. Maturing. We expect people to grow spiritually through fellowship and connectivity. We are called to fight sin and pursue Christ wholeheartedly in this life We desire for people to have a sense of belonging to our church.
  4. Serving. God created us to serve. He gifted us to serve. And He commands us to serve. Every member should function in the body, and this functioning happens through service.
  5. Giving. Mature believers have a generous spirit. We expect all members to give their tithe, time, and resources for the mission of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.
  6. Encouraging. We expect each member to encourage, strengthen, and build up one another in love; and to hold one another accountable.  This is a community of God’s people and we are divinely connected.
  7. Praying. All members should pray corporately and privately. Above all, they should pray for gospel fruit.
  8. Completion. We expect every member to complete our news members orientation, receive the right hand of fellowship, and be baptized (if never been immersed)

What we offer-

  • We have various ministries that seek to serve our membership and community-

  • Deacons, Men, Women, Youth,

  • Worship& arts- Music, Audio/Video

  • Christian Education- Bible Study, Sunday school, Youth/children church, Periodic Institute Instructional classes,

  • Prayer- Weekly Prayer and devotion conference call on Sunday and Wednesday.

  • Food Pantry that serves our community every 3rd Friday, when we have is service, and when anyone is in need on a call-in basis


During this COIVD19 Pandemic many of our ministries have been suspended until we can return to in-house gathered fellowship

i.e Ushers, Hospitality, Choirs, Transportation, Security, Gifts to share,

What we do:

  • Currently we live stream Sunday morning Worship and Wednesday Bible Study each week through our social media platforms

  • Our Children’s church (Josiah Ministry) currently meets via ZOOM each Sunday at 1pm

  • Our Sheepfolds with their sheepfold leaders, connect on a weekly basis via conference call to seek well-being of the flock

  • Foreign Mission- We have two church in Kenya, Africa that we erected and support (Green Grove Baptist Church- Pokot/ Green Grove Kapeta).  WE also support a 3rd Church Shiloh Baptist of Mombasa Kenya.

What we Believe:

Condensed Doctrinal Statement of Green Grove Baptist Church

About God

We believe God is one Being existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is the Sovereign, the Creator, and the Sustainer of all things. God is the source and the end of all truth.  Jesus Christ is the eternal begotten Son of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, fully God and fully man. Christ, having accomplished a perfect, substitutional, sacrificial, and atoning work in His life and death, now lives as resurrected and ascended Lord to act as intercessor and mediator before God on behalf of all believers.

About the Scriptures

We believe that the Scriptures, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, are the inspired and written Word of God, inerrant in their original writings, the infallible authority by which He directs and governs all our activities.  The Scriptures are in and of themselves the basis for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in godly living.

About Man

We believe that man was created by God in the His of God as a rational, moral, and spiritual being.  Man sinned in Adam, and fell with him in his first transgression into a state of death and separation from God.  Man’s fall affected him spiritually, intellectually, and physically.  He is restored and reconciled only by the renewing grace of the Holy Spirit and the cleansing blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.   

About Salvation

We believe the doctrines of grace as taught in the Scriptures to be those truths essential for salvation and for the ability to experience freedom from one’s besetting sins.  Men and women are saved and justified, that is, made right and acceptable before the holy God, by grace through faith in Christ alone.  The free offer of peace with God is available to all who will come to Him, having their hearts prepared and opened by the Holy Spirit to respond to the offer of salvation.  Once justified, adopted, and set apart by God’s Spirit, believers are kept faithful and obedient to Christ not by mere will power but by the supernatural power of God who saves them for all eternity.  

About the Resurrection

We believe in the bodily resurrection of the saints, that at the sound of the last trump we will rise from our place of rest to spend eternity with the Lord.  At that time there will a judgment given by God on the deeds that were done in these mortal bodies that will determine our crowns.  It is after this resurrection that we will reign with Christ and live forever more with him.

God has given us a vision for this community now, and into the 21st Century and we need you to help to fulfill this awesome task. 

Welcome again, Rev. George E. Holland, Sr. Pastor & New Members Team